Fleet Week

It’s a late night
what do you do
when you’re being watched
and weighed
the heat is oppressive
and you comtimplate going it alone
but that’s redundant
there’s that moment of clarity.
where you
rise above the horde
and know
you are better.
you didn’t always carry yourself that way,
but you were always aware.
even now you sit
next to soldiers
who would die for god and country
but not you
for you
it’s only
and sometimes
that will ever matter
but there hasn’t been a
in a while
so tonight
like last night
every night
it’s just
and that will have to be enough
because you’ve had one drink
too many
and sailors, have a curfew
and as one pleads with his whore to waltz her out the door
she nuzzles up against
and you understand
that desperation has
a stink
collection will never
and acceptance
has no words
you just feel it
you belong here
while others are desperate
to prove it
so you giggle
and nod to the barkeep
for  you are remembered
before all others


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