The Meeting

Beautiful girl
who lingers too late
and stares too long,
do not catch my eye
It will only give me something
to fixate upon,
with my insidious stare
Something to target
Something to love
My words will  seduce
the heart
and infect
the soul
your soul
my soul
And then we are doomed

we will love
each other, for awhile
Forsaking all others
outside of our
And then it will end
Just like that

It will turn sour
spoil like milk
Rancid love
will send you away
and me running
we will spend
day upon night
passionately hating each other

Until you move on
I remain here
And so will be another
beautiful girl
Who lingers too long
sips too deeply
and eyes catch mine
and again
are doomed
to suffer
from loving me fully


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