Bluebird (1992) ~ Charles Bukowski



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2 responses to “Bluebird (1992) ~ Charles Bukowski

  1. kittybrmow

    …book sales in Europe?
    there’s a bluebird in my heart
    that wants to get out
    but I’m too clever
    I only let him out
    at night
    when everyone’s asleep
    I say
    I know you’re there
    don’t be sad
    then I put him back
    and he’s singing a little
    I haven’t quite let him die
    and we sleep together like that
    with our secret pact…
    and it’s nice enough
    to make a man weep
    but I don’t weep
    do you?

    I love that Marina read this at his funeral…how fortuitously poetic to be called out at your own burial by your own spawn! Ah, if only we could all live that way, too…….

  2. Didn’t know that about his funeral! Always been a big Bukowski fan — even used to have a bumbersticker that read, “What Would Bukowski Do?”. Simply lovely.

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