The Wait

And the bubbles float to the surface

and burst

like so many lost dreams

a life told through a glass

Jack’s life

Once overflowing


and head strong




and drained

“where have I gone”

he thinks

and sinks into his beer

staring into the bottom of a glass

and seeing

only he

once wild

and drunk

on opportunity

and immortality

now broken down

and tired

it has been a long time

since a man like Jack

had anything to fight for

any friends


any thanksgiving dinners with all the trimmings


but Jack

he has seen too much

and felt it too closely

this is not a world for the


ask Hemmingway

ask Thompson

ask any man

with nothing left to give

they know how it ends

a husk

sitting on stools

bent over drinks like question marks

all asking the same

when will I wake

when will I care

and for who

is there anyone left

anyone deserving

anyone worth the greatness

that sleeps within him

within others like

a bullet shot straight up

with the power to kill,

to feed

protect and destroy

to take a life and save one.

But without a target

Just waisted energy

Hurdeling aimless


and so Jack sits

and sips

and waits for change

he has seen

stranger things


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