bad night

I am fairly drunk and there is a man jumping up and down on the floor in his shack next door, he’s rough on the floorboards and I listen to his dance while my wife is in the can and Fedelio is on our radio, and today at the track I lost $70 and a woman got her foot caught in the escalator , and all the drunks hollered at the usher: REVERSE IT! THROW IT IN REVERSE! meanwhile, the red blood and the gamblers
myself watching the tote for a meaningful flash and I dumped it in
the wrong place.
now the man has stopped jumping on the floor and has opened his bible. well, it has been a bad summer for all of us. a particular feeling a flailing feeling of too much. we are shocked almost senseless with the demand to put on our socks, we hang like paintings of blue-skinned virgins before young boys in dementia, & it’s too much hair on the neck and flowers dying in a bowl. my wife comes out of the can.
are you alright? she
asks. yeah, I
(not one of mine, but goddamn, it could be)


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