It’s the times like this,

when the hours are long and the nights are tired

that the gods think to themselves, who am acting for,

to who’s approval do I seek.

These boys can’t teach a man and an angel has no place showing a sinner around hell.

You can’t teach this old dog new tricks.

I’m done punching assholes in teddy bears for beer money and insurance against the inevitable.

They want you scared.

The world wants me looking under beds and in closets but they dont get it;

horrors need no hiding place.

The end comes with an invitation.

Death has a smiling face and rapists live across the street.

So good luck, I’m dropping out and staying in


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One response to “OLD DOG

  1. kittybrmow

    a friend of a friend posted this on their facebook, and I made an account on wordpress just so I could personally share my sentiments…your writing is amazing, and it moves me more than any other written word has since the last breath fell from another Hank’s lips….literary bourbon, flowing golden brown into my soul…..thank you!

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