Red Is The Color Of Sex

I was a nobody living a nothing life and now I’m stuck in the middle of the forest in the middle of nowhere. For the life of me I couldn’t tell you how I ended up there and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you how I was going to get the fuck out. All I knew was I could feel the cold on my bones and smell the fresh water creek. I can tell by the hight of the sun I had about two hours left of light. Just enough time to scavenge for some food and start a fire (using sticks of course, I dream that I’m a man) and settle in just before night pulls the shade. I start at the brook and figure I’ll turn over a couple of rocks and collect a few crawfish to boil up back at camp. The task proves harder then I thought, the few that don’t pinch me hard enough to let go, simply just slip through my fingers. No matter how hard or long I try, it just seems too impossible. It’s just when I’m about to give up I see her. (and why I’ve automatically feminized her is about to be abundantly clear to me.) She’s a big old crayfish, I mean the size of a small lobster and a meal on her own; enough of a meal for this man. She wasn’t even under a rock, she just sat out, bathing in the sun. In the only part of the creek where a small opening in the canopy let the sun shine through like a spotlight. She just sat there warming and as I slowly waded out to her it seemed as though she made no attempt to move. Inch by inch I moved closer until I was right on top of her. With one swift move I snatched her from the water, dropped her in my hat and was heading back to camp.

I arrived back at my site at dusk and made fast work of starting my fire and setting a pot to boil. I retrieved that big beautiful girl from my hat and brought her over to my water which was now at a full fledge boil. I had just a second of remorse before I remembered how good this dish was going to taste in my mouth. As I dropped her in the water it expanded at such a rapid pace it was as if she had instantaneously displaced the water from my pot, extinguishing my fire in a second and all disappeared in a cloud of white smoke and steam. When the smoke cleared standing in front of me was the most beautiful, red head I have ever seen, and in of all things a tiny brown bikini. Her long, straight red hair came down to the middle of her back. She had the face of an angel and full pink lips, that I was sure would match her nipples, which were now standing at full attention, under her barely there, soaking wet top. Her legs took up a full three feet of her five foot seven frame. And that ass, that full, firm, voluptuous ass. It’s as if that poor bikini never stood a chance, at fully covering that beautiful, bountiful, backside and my dick now stood harder then those nipples. Her body was mad with sex but her eyes were filled with such a caring, soulful, sensitivity, they almost bordered on sadness. She moved in tight to me, I can feel her on my leg and when she spoke she was so close I could taste her breath. It was so sweet i could actually taste honeysuckle on each word. “Will you take me home with you” she whispered, not even knowing where it is I hang my hat. Before I could get out the words YES DEAR GOD YES she stepped back, her pretty, yet shy little smile straightened and her eyes welled up as if she were on the verge of tears. She whispered compassionately in my ear. “I can never love you but I will go with you because I feel you need me to survive, but only if you agree to return me to the very spot of the brook you found me when I say.” Well not being a stupid man I immediately agreed and figured I’d cross that other bridge when I got to it. Never once even considering that this woman in front of me, coming home with me was a crayfish just 5 minutes ago, and really if you truly think about it, who in their right mind would.

Just like in a dream we we’re suddenly out of the forest and back in the city. Standing hand and hand in front of my five floor walkup in Brooklyn. We both climb to the 4th floor with an eager anticipation, her before me. I followed her up the stairs and with each step the wiggle and wag of that magnificent tail had me hypnotized. I’m already imagining every precious bit of her body and it has me in a frenzy. We finally make it to the entrance of my apartment, I open the door and she steps in, and out of that bikini, in one fluid motion. There is now, nothing left between us, nothing left to the imagination, and more then this mind could have pictured. She is perfection. She turns, draws me in by my waist and says “Baby can you draw me a bath, I need to get all wet.” I start the water and run it nice and hot for her. I step out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, leaving her kneeling along side the tub, testing the water with her delicate finger. I fix myself a bourbon- rocks and throw it down in one hard swallow. “Slow your roll old man your gonna want this ride to last.” When I step back into the bathroom she’s already in the tub and her eyes are ablaze with ravenous hunger and every inch of her alabaster skin has flushed crimson red. Her entire body is trembling at such a rapid pace it is invisible to the naked eye, except that the water in the tub is vibrating so violently, it looks as if she is sitting in a vicious boil. Now I’m not a religious man but for some reason I do a small sign of the cross, slip into the tub and slide in between those gorgeous gams. She takes me inside of her and for the first time I am alive. All I can feel is her, taking me in, devouring me. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, no death, no poverty, no madness, just her, just now. We’re really going at each other now, as if our very lives depended upon it. Like men working on the rails, each blow is synchronized, steady and strong. We alternate from top, to bottom, bottom to top, seamlessly and without missing a magical stroke. The relentless momentum grows and grow until the very building begins to crumble beneath us and we ride that 4th floor studio down to the ground in a climax of splintered wood, furniture and broken glass. We roll ourselves out of the tub and lay on our backs, staring up at the stars, unharmed, sweating and gasping for air. When I stand I’m back in my apartment and all is back to the way it was. She rolls to her side and holds her hand out to me, “Come lay with me Baby” she purrs as I snuggle in close. She gently pulls my face close to hers, smiles her big wide beautiful smile and kisses me. She delicately holds my bottom lip between hers and teasingly rolls her tongue in and out of my mouth. I am intoxicated with beauty, I am mad with love. We spend the rest of the night, laughing, drinking and rolling around like kids. It was magic.

Each day following goes closely the same as the first, for what must have been months. The times apart seems to just vanish. Work, errands, responsibilities, just seem to be fractions of time, gone in flashes and all I can remember is returning home to crimson red, the tub and the sweet smell of sex floating in the air. I am finally alive. I walk home on a beautiful Thursday evening with a bottle of Woodford under my arm. I’m whistling, throwing change into coffee cups and open guitar cases. Tipping $4.00 on a $5.00 beer at the corner bar, Im like a king. Fuck that, a king is human. I am a God. I bound up the steps taking two at a time and swing open the door and there’s my beauty. But she’s not in the tub and she’s not vibrating. She’s sitting in the kitchen in a bone white satin slip. Her skin is not flushed red but pale and glowing like the breaking surf in the moonlight and she is the more beautiful I have ever seen her. She looks at me with a tiny, caring smile and tears in her eyes and tells me. “It’s time to take me back baby” I drop to my knees and hold on to her legs sobbing like a scared child and I can feel a part of me dying. She brings me to my feet and draws me in close. I can taste honeysuckle. She holds my face in her hands, smiles that beautiful wide smile and kisses me. She breathes life back into me and I am once again filled with love. “Even though I can never love a person, I will always love what we have had.” she whispers. “I will remember us for many life times, until the very stars burn and the last grain of sand passes through the hourglass of time and all is once again dark, I will feel you with me.” I knew it was time. I know everything must come to an end. Even the most passionate of flames kept steady and dry will eventually burn through its wick and extinguish into itself. It was time to say goobye. We go side by side down the steps and out into the street lights of the city, walking silently,hand and hand until the pavement turned to moss and the buildings were now towering oaks. We had the full moon to light our way back to the brook. We waded in together, to the spot where I first found her bathing in the sun and now to the spot where I must leave her,with only the moon now shining through through the trees to mark our end.
And she was gone

I awake from my dream with a sadness so overpowering it was as though I had really lost her and that this had really ever happened. I drag myself out of bed and take a long hot shower. I wash the hangover from my head, brush the whiskey from my mouth and get dressed. It’s off to work again and this time with a heaviness like I have never felt. I knew I was back to reality. Back to life, real life, MY LIFE. Sleep walk through another day, stop off for a burger and a beer and return home, but not to crimson red and the sweet smell of honeysuckle but 4 cigarette stained, cracked plaster walls and an ashtray full of punched out butts, that make the place smell like the inside of a coffin. I pour myself a Bourbon. I sit and I sip and as I slip into my drink, I wonder if I will ever cook sea food again.


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  1. kittybrmow

    WOW…if I were a dude, I’d have a raging boner right about now, even with the inevitable ending…what a perfect illustration of love lost…..beautifully and magnificently horrific!

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