Zombie Honeymoon

It’s quarter to one, I’m drunk and out of my mind,as usual but I’m feeling Ok and I think I know why. I don’t often feel all warm and fuzzy inside but tonight I do. I’m smiling ear to ear like a six year old on christmas. It’s this fucking movie, Zombie Honeymoon. It’s everything I remembered ,loving about movies growing up. Class Of Nukem High, I spit On Your Crave, Love and lost and eating the throat out of your best friend’s neck, just brilliant. It’s just a perfect example of the extent we will put ourselves through to stay in love, to be in love. Did he just say I guess vegetarians don’t make good cannibals. Oh I fuck’n love this movie. Maybe it’s the weed, maybe it’s the whiskey but two thumbs way the fuck up. Thanks for making me feel young again, thanks for making me feel ageless; and if you love anything zombie like I do, please let me know what you think of this movie. Oh yes and he just ate the travil agent….Brilliant “stand by your man”

What is that P.s.s thing we used to do when we were adding on shit after we were done writing. Well I’m doing that now. As the movie ends at 133am all I hear is the old Italian couple fighting in the apartment above me and all I can think is if I were a zombie, I would eat them first. Just sayn…j



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2 responses to “Zombie Honeymoon

  1. Love the vegetarian comment.

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